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Vegably is a small but mighty team striving to make delicious, healthy, 100% plant-based meals.

We’re working hard toward making tasty, convenient, ridiculously healthy meals, made 100% from plant-based ingredients. Thanks to our talented team of chefs and nutritionists, we’re able to bring plant-based eating into the Spanish mainstream, to improve health, have less impact on our environment and reduce animal suffering.

About Vegably

Our Story.

So where did these yummy, yet healthy 100% plant-based meals come from? What’s the story behind those planet-loving folks at Vegably? Let’s start with the roots. The founder & director Chris Allen explains why it started:

I used to eat let’s say a traditional Western diet. My diet was full of food derived from animals, whether it was yoghurt from cow milk, beef steak, or sushi from God knows where. To put it frankly, I was completely indifferent to where my food came from, the implications it was having on my body and arguably the most important- the impact it was having on the environment & animals.

After finding out more about alternative diets, I decided to change my ways. I’d had enough of the harm I was causing, so from one day to the next, I adopted a plant-based diet. Now I’m eating fruit, vegetables, cereals, grains, seeds, legumes, etc. and I feel great.

Not long after adopting this new diet, I quickly noticed that preparing 100% plant-based meals every day was quite tricky. Going to the supermarket, picking out fresh food, finding decent recipes at home, preparing all the ingredients and cooking the food (hoping that it tastes nice) was very time-consuming. After a hard day’s work, all that was fairly off-putting. When I looked externally to see if there was anything I could order for dinner, there really were not many options for a healthy, convenient plant-based meal, especially as I didn’t really fancy paying at least 15€ per meal.

And that’s when Vegably was born.

Our Vegquarters.

We’re still pretty young as a company and start-up mode is still firmly on but we do now have an amazing 50 m2 kitchen in the centre of Barcelona. It’s not public-facing though so feel free to drop us a note using the email address below.


Birthplace: Carrer de Trafalgar, 39, 08010 Barcelona

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10:00 AM – 16.00 PM
Monday – Friday

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Join us in our mission.

It’s never too late to starting making a change. Let us help you lead a healthier, more environmentally friendly, less animal-dependent lifestyle. A great place to start is by choosing our 100% plant-based meals.

We have to close 😢

We’re all very sad at Vegably, as we had to close our doors.

We were trying to ride out the COVID-19 storm but it finally caught up with us, and Friday 5th March was unfortunately our last delivery day, until further notice.

We hope we can come back and deliver delicious plant-based food again. In the meantime, sign up to our newsletter below and we’ll let you know when we’re back! 💚